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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-8-

A Happy New Year.

This is○○.

Thank you for giving lessons from various approach.es last year, too.

Also, thank you for intensive “MV YAKU-Otoshi” Seriously, thank you so much!

I am greeting new year with excitement and feelings: I am truly blessed.


All my families took YAKU-Otoshi this time, too.

We’ve taken Remote Healing for long time, so we feel the effects are greater.

Actually, the effects of remote healing were already, but owing to “YAKU-Otoshi”, my husband is greeting enjoyable new year calmly, too.

○ is more powerful, and is laughing now. Seems like a “mass of joy”.

(In case of ○, I used your service every year, because “ideal self ”in new year effect works well.

Also, I read your blog about 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi).

I am thankful for it very much and am moving.

Again, I am feeling how lucky I am as I could find MV.


Thank you as always!

MV厄落とし(MV YAKU-Otoshi)… was great!!




Well, seriously, though I kept saying you in MV,

the quality of information and energy determines the quality of life, the conditions of your brain and body, good luck or bad luck and fortune.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 7 2017