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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-6-

A Happy New Year.


Thank you for the YAKU-Otoshi at the end of last year, too.

I’m pleased to be able to greet new year with refreshed feelings.

As I met MV, I could greet new year with great feelings.

I felt that my feelings had started to change since I applied for and payed for it.

On the day of YAKU-Otoshi, I felt something detox started already.

I learned from MV that information world is always moving, so I was wondering it’s moving.

I felt I was wheezy before YAKU-Otoshi started, and I was trying to adjusting myself breathe deeply.

I read there is a phenomena which something went out when we bought MV cards on your blog,
so I was wondering if it’s similar phenomena.


I checked my face in the mirror before YAKU-Otoshi, and after YAKU-Otoshi, I looked myself in the mirror,
and I found my face was refreshed.

I had tried to  protect myself, but I understood that I had been affected by various things for one year.

When I took YAKU-Ooshi in 2015, I felt like it’s pain around stomach and hard to breath and later I was refreshed.

This time, as I wrote it before, hard to breath and angry feeling was about to come out.

Anyway, I felt you were cleaning everything piled up for one year.

I thought I would like to take it every year!

I am so happy with the special service, too.

Thank you so much.



I guess some people felt “force”

Some people might feel something wrong with parts unnecessary things piled up.


Please start new 2017 with refreshed information and energy. 😛 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan 7 2017