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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-4-

I remembered a thing now, so I will write one more blog.

It’s about a person who took “Reborn Program” the end of 2016


“I started to feel when those who close to me, like coworker think of me or send notion to me. In the case, my ears get—-“


“I see, it happens”


“However, I don’t feel Maaya’s and Shin’s, though I guess Maaya and Shin are thinking of me”


“I see, perhaps, our frequency band is different from others”


“I see”


Do I make myself clear?

This is a similar event to the previous blog, so I wrote it.



it’s about 元旦(Gantan. In Japan we call Jan. 1 Gantan)

I felt something wrong my brain and body on the day.

Also, when we passed by 神社(Shrine), Shin said a thing.

From the part, let me omit, because it is too technical.

Well, but because of an influence, I was not in usual myself.

Shin noticed it.

“What are you doing?”

(From normal persons, there is nothing wrong in me, because I was just walking calmly.

However, from persons who work in conscious and energy world, they can feel that the world is moving hardly.)

“Ah, perhaps, it’s 神社(shrine) and 神界. Jan. 1 a day which works very hard.

So my sensor had been caught. I was trying to cancel it”

“I see, you are strange today”

“Ah, yes, it’s accelerating since then.  Now all right. I calmed down, because I did ‘conversations’ just now”

I returned to the state of usual myself by “conversation”


Shin has watched such my state closely often.

Then, watching my state, he knows that there are the relation between cause and effect.


My feeling is strong: “I don’t want to make anybody worry or be trouble” ,
so I always face such a world silently alone.


However, these days, he sees though me completely.

I would like to face alone, deal with it alone and go back to normal state like nothing happened without being noticed,

but, it happens often because of seasonal things.


I have lived for decades with an invisible world which works as if it had a life; invisible world try to have an effect on me, connect to me, influence me, and when conversations go well, it settles in a moment.


I think I will continue to live with such an invisible world in the universe


Therefore, looking all in the world (including specialists), there are lots of things I would like to say:

“Oh, you are doing this…” “Oh, you had better not do this”


Do you remember 4 something?

Which starts from “a motive”.


Yes, “observation” which human with the sensitivity describes means
observing things including invisible world: there are a lot of worlds and invisible huge living organisms are wiggling.


Then, it just there is a world of spirits of human ancestors in a part of the invisible world,
and sometimes such a world accesses to me.


Therefore, saying only something about 神界(Japanese Shin Kai/ Gods world) won’t solve and clarify anything,
and saying only something about 龍神(Ryu Jin /Dragon god) won’t solve and clarify anything.


the more you direct your consciousness to all directions, all dimension, all fields and all bands,
the easier you can find a clue to resolution and clarification.


Therefore, if you say:

“I don’t believe except for this religion”

“I am 陰陽師(Onmyoji/ Master of Yin yang), so I don’t do except for 陰陽道(Onmyodo, yin-yang philosophy)

“I believe in ○○, so I don’t pay attention except for this”

“○○ world is which a great master has done for long time and has a history of thousands of years, so I do ○○” etc,

you will be low and incapable person who can’t find any clue to resolve and clarify.


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 4 2017