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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-2-

>Actually, my body didn’t feel anything last year.

(Like we were talking to △ that we were forgotten?)

(Laugh. I believe that it’s too high dimensional arts, so we couldn’t feel them)


Let me answer it.

There are several cases.


The first one is;

・Whose sensors are insensitive to invisible things including high dimensional and low dimensional things.


Is so, you can’t feel anything.

You don’t feel low dimensional things or low-frequency world, so it’s out of question.


There are cases often that who are unstable mentally and have a lot of traumas are into something like “神様“(Kamisama in Japanese, gods)


I sense these gods sharply,

but those who are not sensing, they are only into these gods.

Surely, they can’t sense energy of MV.


It is either they have no sensor originally or their sensors have not improved at all.


You can’t say that those people can’t sense so there is no MV energy.

It means they don’t have ability to sense it.


By the way,

In case of people who connect energy of something like gods and hold the energy,
when they get MV goods or get MV energy by MV remote healing,
the big two energies clash and big events occur.


There are cases in the past.

They had held huge energy of something like gods.


If you are related to something like gods, and you don’t feel anything happening,

it means you are not connected to the energy or you don’t hold the energy.


Those who can connect with something like gods and hold the energy
are men/women of high-caliber who have established an unshakable core within themselves.



it is impossible to connect to or hold the energy for those who are fragile and haven’t decided a way to go.


They go through forms like performing rituals or reading an address to the gods,
they can’t connect to something like gods if their substances are unstable.


※The sentences doesn’t mean to encourage you to connecting 神界(Shinkai in Japanese, gods world) and hold the energy.

Rather the contrary.

Higher than the….


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 4 2017