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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-1-

I see “厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)…” on TV commercials often, and I am wondering if such “YAKU-Otoshi” is effective.



It’s clear that the dimension they handle, the range they handle are narrow…


I have never used such a thing, so I don’t know, but I can say that

The dimension and range MV handle for MV YAKU-Otoshi is very wide,
so it can expel 厄(YAKU, misfortune), 邪気(JAKI, malice) and negative information in any dimensions and any range clearly.


I think there are many people among reading this blog would like to move to new stage, but when you carry heavy, old and things drag you down, your stage won’t go up.


Therefore, we have Remote Healing three times a month, brain treatment and “厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi) at the end of the year for you.

I think you are moving to new stages and upper stages than 2016 in 2017.


Let me introduce some feedbacks about YAKU-OToshi.


Dear Maaya and Shin,

A Happy New Year!

Thank you for taking care of ○○ family this year too.



Then, thank you for MV YAKU-Otoshi last night!!


I read you blog now, and want to be the first one for you, so I am writing this email.^^


First of all, since I decided to purchase YAKU-Otoshi,○ had been feeling nauseated and I had been irritated during the daytime on Dec. 31.

Also, ○ had a headache and △ had a stomachache after dinner and lay on the bed.

(I heard that it’s like usual pain of calculus)


Then, after 8:00PM, I couldn’t be awake, so I slept.

△ slept, too.


Later, I woke up before 11:30PM, and again I lay down on the bed again.

At first, I felt my head hot and it broadened to whole body, like from warm to hot. (it’s similar when I take your remote healing)
Then, the latter half of it, I felt I was taken to deeper place speedy. ( I thought it’s like Mr. U slept when Mr. U took your arts)

I felt only my left part was taken to deeper and deeper different dimension ?and left part remained.

Then, I couldn’t move( different from sleeping) , can’t move, don’t want to move, wow! Awesome,I will taken to!  Mmmmmm…

Then, I am like sleeping, fainting but have consciousness… like that, MV YAKU-Otoshi finished.

I felt he center of my body(mind?) got lighter and lighter.


I guess it’s the same as Mr. U. May be.

When I am in deep consciousness state like cutting ADM, I don’t move as if I was dead.

Even you shake my body or talk to me in loud voice.


After YAKU-OToshim, it’s like after taking hot springs.

It’s comfortable and wanted to fall a sleep there,

However, I was concerned about △ who were in a living room, and went to see △.

Then, △ looked wondering what was the pain because it’s not because of biliary calculus.



This time, YAKU-Otoshi is a secret for △, so I am looking forward how it goes.

However, regardless of △’s bad condition and lay down on the bed, after that, △ was in high spirits.


When △ was sleepy △was in bad mood, but today △was in high spirits!

I thought originally was generous..

Thank you for removing various things.

△ has never taken remote healing nor brain treatment, so I think △ was on of the person who troubled Maaya, but I am pleased to purchase 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi) for △.!

Thank you very much!


Yes, there are many people who are irritated, who get angry always, get depressed easily, get negative easily, get sad easily, head aches, some parts hurt because of effects of something ghost, energy and information, actually.


When those obstructions gone, you can feel true gentle, light and great always.


○ said eyes got clear! and hungry suddenly after the event.


Owing to MV, 2016 was great year, too!

Right after the event I shouted “2017 will be greater year!”.

 I will look forward changes and this year!


Well, I am so please to apply for the event.

We should take MV YAKU-Otoshi every year.

It’s very valuable! Thank you very much!

Actually, my body didn’t feel anything last year.

(Like we were talking to △ that we were forgotten?)

(Laugh. I believe that it’s too high dimensional arts, so we couldn’t feel them)


This time, because of my bad thinking habit, I was wondering if I apply or not because of scary of purification, but now I am glad that I applied for it.

Thank you for your various arts!!!


Yes, I had an excess of time after I did arts I should, so I added several arts besides I informed.


Yes, my mind is still light.

(Like right after Reborn Program)


Then, thank you for taking care of my family!


I wish MV will have many more successful years!. 


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 4 2017