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Questions to whom get tired easily and have no physical strength.

There are people who are not sick, but they are easy to get tired, have no physical strength, and because of that, they can’t work.

I would like to ask them.


Do you have somebody you can’t forgive?

Do you have somebody you have a grudge against?

Do you have matters you can’t forgive?


If so, their energy is leaking out from them.

There is a high possibility that they are easy to be tired and no physical power because of it.

Especially, if you are not feeling well around kidney, perhaps , your energy is leaking out from you.


The feeling that you curse others and events, is cursing yourselves, actually.

Please live taking care of your own energy, physical power, vitality and life span.


If you continue to hold feelings that you can’t forgive somebody or things, somebody you can’t forgive will show up in your life and things you can’t forgive occur forever.


Matters happens to your life and person who come near you, both of the cause is yourself.

Therefore, we should dive into our own inside and fix it.

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Who have strong feelings: can’t forgive somebody or matters!, is actually…they can’t forgive themselves.

Please understand the relationship between the reality and human’s thoughts.

If you have conflicts and frictions with your inside, of course various frictions appear to outside.

Your body is your outside, so surely your body will go bad.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 27 2016