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Ultimate meditation is ①

Fortune-telling, healing, mantra, spiritual world, pray, thought, meditation, magic, the path of ○○, the practice of ○○…


Through these,
you connect with “the world of consciousness” and invisible conscious entities exist there,
and you get their helps. You are guided to find answers and you are protected….


It’s the system.


Only I would like to be rich.

If only I could reach an upper state, it would be nice.

If only my luck could be better, it would be nice.

There is nothing fun in this world, so I think I will master a spiritual world…

Someday, I would like to show you up…


When your mind, consciousness and soul are in the conditions above
you use the methods and contact with the world of consciousness,
you can only involve the worlds which such mind, consciousness and soul’s conditions tune to.


Of course,
there are “the world of consciousness “ which an old sage created or people created over years you can connect only by uttering mantra or imitation forms.


However, when you aren’t in a grounding state and you keep holding heavy feelings, traumas and karma these are are controlled by various worlds of consciousness and entities you prefer not to be closed get involved.


To be continued


 From Maaya’s JP blog on July 19 2009