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Ultimate meditation is ②

~Continued from previous blog~



I think an ideal state is:

who looked a “dark” world and “light” world.

experienced the sweets and bitters of life

looked “world of anguish and tears” and a “world of joy and excitement”.


Such souls which “tasted the both,

such souls which broadened allowable ranges”

can determine living for true purposes

and can have VERTICAL AXIS and HORIZONTAL AXIS within their own selves.

 In addition to that,
they can find zero point,
and create a line like a pillar between the universe and feelings come firmly from there.


They (souls) hold such state every day, every minute and every second.


That is the ultimate meditation.

If you can hold this state, you can channel and read the universe.


Information and wisdom obtained from this state is useful for being aware of other souls.
They are also useful for understanding the purpose of the whole universe.


I also think when you achieve this state, you can be free from karma, trauma and suffeing.


I think establishing the foundation of yourself is a shortcut to being in the idealistic state of ultimate meditation eventually rather than learning techniques.


The end


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 16 2009