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2016 大晦日(Omisoka)Special Event ★『MV厄落とし』(YAKU-Otoshi)★

Hi all,


Application of 2016 大晦日(Omisoka)Special Event ★『MV厄落とし』(YAKU-Otoshi)★ has been closed.


Dear who signed up, please look forward to 厄落とし!

It will start at 11:30PM Japan Time.


◆Date and Time
Saturday, December, 31. 23:30PM-0:00AM Japan Time (30mins)

(Chicago: Sat. Dec. 31 at 8:30AM. New York: at 9:30AM.
London: Sat. Dec. 31 at 14:30PM. Paris: at 15:30PM.
China: Sat. Dec. 31 at 22:30PM. Hong Kong: at 22:30PM.
New Delhi: Sat. Dec. 31 at 20:00PM.
Sydney: Sun. Jan. 1 at 1:30AM)

※The time is uniformized to Japan time.


I am so excited !



Best regards,