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【Important】“空”(KU) –Maaya’s interpretation-1

I put what came across to my mind the other day into words.


Previously I have touched about “空(KU)” in this blog, description of “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV main product), MV The Universal 寺子屋(Terakoya) simply,
but taking this opportunity, I put Maaya’s interpretation of “空(KU)” into words easy to understand.


宇宙純粋意識領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) ~空(KU)~

*Under application of Registration as宇宙純粋意識領域


“空”(KU) –Maaya’s interpretation-


“空”(KU) is a place that exists in a higher dimension than one in which there is antagonism and separation such as “善(good)・悪(bad)”, “正(right)・邪(wrong)”,”優(superiority)・劣(inferiority)” and where there is heavy information, such as  “fixed ideas”, “common sense”, “desires”, “ego”, “feelings”.


 “空(KU)”, the Chinese character, conveys a meaning of “emptiness”, so it can easily be misunderstood  to mean a place where there is nothing. However, in fact, this is not the case.


It is the dimension which produces material (energy, information) to form lower dimension, and such “elements” are packed fully. In other words, the place is full of energy of creation.


The energy of “空(KU)” is very powerful, and when you use it correctly you can transform reality space of human beings easily.

However, not everyone can use it.

I think Jedi Master, Yoda can use it…

Then, how can we use it?


Yes, it is to surpass antagonism and separation like, “善(good)・悪(bad)”, “正(right)・邪(wrong)”,”優(superiority)・劣(inferiority)”and to be an owner of consciousness which surpassed “fixed ideas”, “common sense”, “desires”, “ego”, “feelings”.

MV would like to raise such “owners of consciousness” and started to work officially in 2009.


Maaya, founder of MaayaVillage


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To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 26 2016