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Facing “Schizoprenia”-7-

The food that my mother cooked tasted like poison so I didn’t eat it.

And so I only eat snacks.”


I think this is called “gustatory hallucination” which is a symptom of schizophrenia.


There are people who claim that the food they eat tastes like cyanide.

However, if you think about it,

most people have never tasted poison and cyanide, naturally.


So determining the “taste of poison” is strange in and of itself,
and I solved such a tangled part of her theory and led her to think correctly one step at a time.


I used logical thinking and told her

“Ah, it’s because inadequate zinc causes dysgeusia,”

so that she can understand her flawed logic.


Also, she said that fearfully.

“When I put salt on 4 corners of my room, only one corner gets moist always!

There must be ghost!”


So I said

“Well, salt gets moist from humidity, and there is moisture in the room…”

“No, there is no moisture!”


“(Oops, how can you say so clearly? Have you always been looking at installing a hygrometer?

First of all, I think there is no place where there is no moisture, especially in humid Japan.

If you lived in a dry area, like a desert, it’s another story…)

Even in a same room, there are places with moisture and places without moisture, sunny spots and dark spots, spots exposed to wind that depend on the location of the window, air conditioner and electric fan.”


I gave her common knowledge at that time, too, but seems she didn’t understand it.


Like that, the person VS Maaya, one on one lesson? had continued for months.

Therefore, when I watched a scene of the movie, Anne Sullivan was training young Helen Adams Keller.


I thought that “what I did to her is the same. I miss the days (though it was tough 😥 )”

Like that, I feel an affinity, nostalgia and sympathy.


Also, the person told me about “gustatory hallucination “ in detail.


“A part of my body was shown on a website, and because of being seen by others, it influenced me and I tasted “blood” in my mouth”


Internet, people’s notion and “blood taste”…

Umm… it’s a symptom that doesn’t exist in the spiritual world (波動 — Hado in Japanese).


I think since she started to read my blog, she linked all her delusions to 波動(vibes/Hado in Japanese) and the energy world, so it influenced her too.

Other than that, she had “○○ hallucinations“, too.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 26 2016