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You are not happy, but sell “fortune goods”? 1


You are distressed by 霊障(Harm by ghost), but you are selling “邪気祓い・霊障解消 Jaki, Exorcist・Curse removal goods”?

You are just feeling, but you are saying you have “high dimensional consciousness”?



From one of MV SNS community

> [ 507 ] Ms. ○○○

>Half-way height of consciousness….I will stop playing in sort of the place…
Ms. ○○○ is not so, but when I read the sentence, a thought welled up, so let me please write.


Those people: the quality of XXX is not good since childhood, or XXXXted or have saved repressed feelings because of XXX of XXXXX…. Omission…….who have had an inferiority complex strongly/

Those people also have the quality of their body is bad, the quality of energy body is bad and the quality of feeling energy is bad…

Then, they react only to others’ heavy feeling, low ghost which possessed land or people and heavy ghost of ancestor.

Then, it starts from “sensing invisible something sharply”.

Gradually, they misunderstand:
“I am the soul of the universe?” “Was I a 巫女(MIKO, shrine maiden) in my previous life?”, “ Am I special?”.

Then, people around them misunderstand ( it can’t be helped because people around them don’t understand the differences)

Moreover, people around them envy, and when they praise those people who just react to only heavy things,

those people feel that their long-time inferiority complex was resolved.


They think:

“I had never been praised by others, but now I can have confidence. I had been a looser in any area, but now I can surpass others!”


Then, they come to willing to feel something low dimensional and heavy desperately by themselves.


Then, the more they feel, the more other say “great!”, and they strengthen their misapprehension more and more…


To be continued


From Maaya’ s JP blog on Apr. 23 2014