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The secret birth story of Maaya’s healing#2

One day, Shin was talking with his friend.

The friend likes mysterious world very much and he has mysterious power, as well.


But…. A dark world little bit…( Ah, I am talking to myself)

He gave us various information; how to hold memorial services for the deceased and ancestors and how to do healing, etc. thinking these are best …



FYI. We tried the memorial service, but our vital energy was taken and the service didn’t work at all.


To hold memorial services for the deceased and ancestors specially all the way…

We can see various contradictions turning our eyes on multidimensional world and soul’s world…


That aside, the friend was fascinated by a healing method introduced from oversea several years ago.


I got an impression which I don’t want to close, do I didn’t take any reactions.

Later, I heard that the teacher who taught the healing method to the friend had gotten rheumatism, and the friend’s friend who gotten into the method had gotten rheumatism, and finally the friend had gotten rheumatism, too.


He was so excited saying “This is great, awesome!”….

Well, that’s the outcome.

He has used time and money to mysterious world very much, so I would like to say.


Why does he want to energy other than himself?

Why does he puts  a world others created higher than himself.

This is it.


He should realize.

Well, he has only knowledge enough.
Anyway, he has a pride that he knows the world very well, and won’t listen to other, so I won’t tell that to him.

Be “flexible head”always, or you starts to go off largely when you have small blind side.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 28 2010