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The secret birth story of Maaya’s healing#1

I am sorry for whom love healing world.

To be honest with you, I was not interested in the world because I don’t have good memory for the kind of world.


Well, also, I can say that I know the structure, so I would like to avoid from being poured energy other than mine and energy of the world others connected paying money…


BUT, surely there are such worlds.

I copied Hado(vibes)  of a world I created in fun to stones, too.

Not only that, I can flow Hado(wave motion) to others as a matter of course.


I created fortune world as well, so I was excited thinking I can do energy work (healing) which transforms people to the rich.

Last night, I flew the energy of main world I created the first to Shin for a trial.

Speaking of my way, rather than “flow”, I say that I tune to the world, so “principle of synchronism” just works for people close to me.


I put in neither my intention nor my energy.

Yes, when you thing you put in, your intention and energy easy to go into.


There is a very important matter to create this pure world connect with it and make the best of use it.

It is “playful mind”.

That’s it.

This is very deep story.


Healing which needs furrowing your born and using your head fully is unbelievable for me.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 28 2010