Daily Archives: 2016-08-17

Maaya’s Online Shop will be reopened, finally ♬

Hi everyone!

This is Kaoru, MV staff.

Our popular online shop which you could order “Remote Healing” ( most people continue to take the healing being surprised by great change) has been closed because of web site renewal, and finally, we can open new web site in August!

I use Hado(wave motion) fixing card regularly, hanging it from my neck and putting it under a pillow.


By the way, Maaya has delivered below to her blog readers.

When I deliver something by sentences,

sometimes I ignore “forms of visible world( Glammar and how to write sentences ) as I would like to deliver “forms of invisible world?”.


Because when I attach weight to it too much, force of vital “information I would like to deliver to you” starts to get weak, and it may not reach to you.


What I aim is

neither a Japanese teacher


a novelist.


It’s to transform your “consciousness “, “thought” and program in your brain”

(An extract of a part of the blog on Feb. 25 2016)

I , Japanese, translates her free blog which take you to cause changes for better.

Then, sometimes I am concerned about and wonder if I could deliver what Maaya wrote to you correctly.


However, this time, you will be able to purchase remote healing and Hado(wave motion) fixing cards which lead you to fix and transform yourself and taste Maaya’s world and Hado(wave motion), who is an expert on invisible world!


Please try to feel and taste it!


Let me inform the opening day of online shop when the date has been decided.


I would like to introduce “a secret story how Maaya’s healing was born” on next blog.


Have a wonderful day♪