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“Hypocrites and dependent people won’t change” 2

Seeing her in the session, Shin and I had the same thought.

I think she was one of the five worst clients whose darkness and repressed feelings are deep.

I think she was barely on this side of ——.


Yes, she was really saved: I hardly said the way, but after the session Shin and I said “We could save her”.


As she had carried things as so, it went like that.

>When my darkness beyond irritation came out

So far, there are people who wrote such a thing by emails.

Their causes are the same.


They carry furious things inside.

(* If inside of yourself is light and cool originally, it won’t come out at all)

Then, when we met her actually she was irritated very much.


The irritation and darkness in her mind is not what MV built.

She had built them bigger and bigger.


Taking out of it something or somebody


Believing me or not.


Please don’t think that way like lowering your IQ.


Please understand the energy world, and solve the darkness in your mind you build by your own responsibility.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 2 2016