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“Hypocrites and dependent people won’t change” 1

This is the third thank you email.

When I checked Shin’s twitter and Maaya’s proverb on HP, I noticed something.


The tittle was “If you would like to be happy, frequency and energy…”.

In the message, you said “the more problem you have, the more those are uncovered”
I had misunderstood that uncover=detox=fever, diarrhea and eczema and little irritation and so on.


I have used MV since last September.
When my darkness finally came out, I actually threw my MV card on the floor, and I felt like I wanted to abandon the card, saying, “I have received healing every month, so why am I not getting better?”

Also, there were many times that I couldn’t believe Maaya and I thought about giving up on MV.”

Actually, the part of “believe” Maaya (a regular human) is a little off topic.


Please don’t believe me.

Just take advantage of the information and energy that MV offers you.

Whether to believe it or not is like a question of religion …


However, I read your blog and I understood that you had released my darkness a lot!

I am sorry and would like to thank you very much.




> when my darkness beyond irritation came out
Such a thing can’t happen merely by just a paper card or powerless healing.

Like that, MV is a real energy handler, so MV- goods and MV-healing produces strong effects. 😀


To clean a room, first you take spoiled and damaged things out of the room, don’t you?

It’s the same when we clean information, energy and the inside of human beings.


We first remove the rotten parts (darkness and stagnated energy)of a human being.


Without taking out of the rotten parts, the people of the world pretend to be pleased with other people’s success, say “thank you”insincerely, try to do Ho’xxxxxxx, or do volunteer.

Not only is it ineffective, but their rotten things continues to expand within themselves more and more.

We call them hypocrites.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 2 2016