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Fixing 家系(KAKEI, family tree), “Every day, pleasure, happy and feeling good” 2

It’s been a week since I set XX card.
My feeling is still great!!

No matter what happens, I feel great.

It’s been a week. Awesome.

If I do that for one more person, how comfortable I will be…

As I feel too great…

I think she must be feeling great. 😀 
If the information flows in you is fixed , it’s an indescribably good feeling.


We touch negative information field for about 6 hours when we use techniques for a client in “Reborn Program Full”.


Then, the opposite phenomenon occurs.


MV work is a job which I risk my information, energy, body, mind, brain and life.
My 6 hours is completely different from working in a company.


After the session, if I don’t care myself seriously, I can’t spend a daily life and work.


We, two do these things, then,

Your furious information, quality of energy and spin 


you had piled up

you had chocked up

you had stagnated

and  you had hold over the years.

starts to transform.


By the way.

Thing generates feelings is our “brain”.


Finally, when we fix information of family tree, our information generated from our gene is fixed, and another world…


Well, ahead of here, I will deliver to you in Terakoya someday.

or I may deliver it to only who meets some conditions in secret and suspicious> “premium XXX” which we are preparing. 😀 


The content may be, like a story by a medium, so I would like to deliver it in a special occasion to whom have a trusting relationship between us.


Anyway, please try to fix “information of family line” any earthlings have clearly taking advantage of this OBON.

Who make a profit is “YOU” who are descended.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 29