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Fixing 家系(KAKEI,family tree) “Every day, pleasure, happy and feeling good” 1

Obon (Annual Buddhist event in Japan. It is believed that each year during Obon, the ancestors’ spirits return to this world in order to visit their families) is coming, so there are many people who fix family line by MV goods. 🙂 


That’s great.
Today, I selected a lot of “NAVI for replacement”(MV product) by the information of the universe, too.


If energy of family tree is changing for better, then what will happen…?


I got an email related to the subject, so I will introduce only some parts and put comment in.
Please read it as your reference.


Hi Maaya!!

Today, from afternoon suddenly!! XX condition has getting better, XX has getting decreased and XXXX has getting decreased.

Maybe!! Maaya did for me!! I thought so, and I checked emails.

Then, I found an email from Yamato Transport company!!

What I asked Maaya now is XX card only!!
(↑ It’s a secret good to fix family line)


I am looking forward to that card being delivered!!

Like that, many people feel changes before it reaches them.

Yes, that makes sense there are some changes at the points they paid and I created according to the structure of invisible world.


Hi Maaya,

XX card has been delivered!!

Thank you so much!!

Since the morning before last Maaya created XX card, I have felt good.

Since then, I have been happy, joyful and pleased. (*^^*)

Fixing the information of family tree, they feel great can’t be described in words.

The more the information of family line fixes ,
the more the descendant’s direction of life, quality of life, fortune, finance and relationship changes so easily.

To be frank with you, it’s me who realized it strongly. 😀 


I think XX is so happy very much, too.

Thank you so much!

With just one XX, I am feeling happiness.

Then, if I do for one more XX and the most heaviest family line, how much happy I will be~~!!

At the same time, how tough situation I had been in, I thought.


There are some deceased persons and family lines which caused problems to you.

Therefore, at first, if at a pin point, you, descendant, shall change truly.

I see through you and the relationship by the information of the universe in MV Hybrid session.

It’s very important that we find out “origin” which flows the most negative electricity and negative information.



I am happy already, but thinking of I can be more happier, my happiness is beyond my imagination!!

Thank you so much!!(*^^*)
Well this happiness is awesome!


I think you wonder that fixing energy and information of your biggest problem shall change you.

However, causes are different from person to person, so MV see your family line, land, old trauma, brain, thinking habit, whether you are medium type or not, you were related to energy group or not, etc .
Anyway, MV does various supports.


I think there is no group and a human being who is good at a wide range of these in the world.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 29 2016