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Today is remote healing day ♪

Terakya (seminar) on July 9 has ended up a huge success. 🙂

It was the best Terakoya.


I dared to use a word. “Higher Self” as Waiting Teaching (teaching according to your understanding)

Well, who had attended Terakoya already knew. Yes, it was like that they have one foot in “spiritual awakening”.



What I thought after Trakoya is “The content of this Terakoya is necessary for all the earthlings”.


How much fun and fulfilling your life would be and easy your life on the earth, if you understand the content.


Most people cheat themselves by fake joy and fake satisfaction and die.


Well, I will write about Terakoya, tomorrow.


After Terakoya, I and Shin had things to do, and could not rest, but finally yesterday, we took a substitute holiday.

From today, we are working mode doing session and remote healing

I have emails I should reply, but we use our life-time, physical, mental and energy for Terakoa, so we haven’t touched secret goods needs information of the universe nor emails I should reply at all.


We tried to pour our life-time, vigor, physical, mental power and energy things other than Trakoya before 2 weeks.


Because, if we don’t do so, we feel sorry for attendees.

Because I would like to deliver best to attendees.

Because I would like them change to the maximum.
We prepared MV original works and techniques more than usual.

Also, we create those things from zero.


Yes, we used head very much. We thought again and again.

We gave the attendees such all of those.

Therefore, Terakoya gave a strong impression and they were moved to tears.


Today is remote healing!


I will deliver awesome information, energy to you at 21:00PM. 😀

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 13 2016