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The information of the universe I got in 2014 ~have a child?~

Now I was looking through advise sheet who took session in 2014 to get some information of the universe.


On the sheet

“A child in 2016” was written …

Yes, I will leave it to your imagination. 😀 


Well, who had been told that “ due to XXXX you can’t have a baby” was XXX right after MV secret session, too… 😆 


Even it’s bad in three dimensional physical world(mapping), if you could rewrite “real image” of  true world which projects the mapping, surely, three dimensional physical world shall change, isn’t it.


Even shadow on screen is a fox, when you form a bird by your hands, the shadow becomes a bird.


MV’s secret sessions,

Hybrid session,

Brain Treatment

and Terakoya

is delivering and approaching to you from the point and from the conscious dimension.


The earthlings who struggle for life in mapping world.


People who touch MV deeply are

non earthlings who can change mapping world? and live pleasantly for life.


I am working on MV with the picture.


I would like to deliver it to you once more. 😀 

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 14 2016