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Getting smarter surely! -2-

Dear MV,
Thank you for the Brain Treatment yesterday!


These days I have been busy since I had decided to work if I have time to rest, but I don’t get tired easily. I think it is because I take Brain Treatment every month (*^o^*)
Surely, my brain is getting wiser than before!

I was pleased to find out it when Maaya told me that.


After Brain Treatment Maaya told me what she would provide in Terakoya a little bit, and I am so excited!


I know you are busy preparing for Terakoya, so please take care of yourself (^^)
It’s brief, but I wanted to say thank you.


I would like to continue to take remote healing and Brain Treatment.

Also, I am looking forward to attending Terakoya on July.

Thank you so much.

Who have difficulty to adapt yourself to new job and surroundings and remember new things have problems in Brain function.


Who get tired easily.

Who feel depressed easily.

These people’ s brain function is dropping.
I you hope living healthy, happily and rich, “brain” must be healthy.


Please continue to take the Brain Treatment. 😉 


For high quality of your life!


Our body is consumable.

Every year, the functions are declining.

It’s sad, but true.

Therefore, we need true treatment.


Information and energy becomes dirty actually.

There is no help for it.

As long as we live, nothing can be done.


It’s the same as computer.


It’s impossible that computer in mint condition exists in the world without care or replacement for decades.


I hope you take care of your brain by Brain Treatment and your energy and information by remote healing.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 2 2016