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Getting smarter surely! -1-

We, human beings tend to forget our change, evolution.


When I am at my best I always compare myself with “previous myself”.
Then, I can notice more that present myself is changing better and developing.


Many people have habit of comparing their positions with others’.

Therefore, they envy others and despise themselves like “I am still bad… The person is greater…”


Without removing the thoughts, true wellbeing won’t come.

In MV session and Brain Treatment, we ask them to fill out counseling sheet.

I would like to show them the first sheet they filled out.

Such as that, their “present” is changing and evolving.


In Brain Treatment the other day.

“Now I have a different job in holiday.

Also, in my main job, after the work of my team I help other team”

It seems that she is busy working, but previously she was used to be tired and brain didn’t work well, so she couldn’t speak well.
Such an old condition is printed on my memory, so

Wow, Ms.○○ does other work in holiday and help other team and why Ms. ○○ is fine.

I can’t imagine that from previous Ms.○○!

It’s an excellent effect of taking Brain Treatment every month recently, isn’t it!

Because, Ms. ○○ used to say often that?

Can’t remember the contents of work and always do mistake,,,

Usually it takes 2 years to get used to work.


Getting used to new job is usually 2 weeks or 2 months for a rapid worker
Normally, 2 years is enough to be an veteran, and it’s time to be bored rather than getting used to 😆 


○○ remembered previous condition and problem.

Then, now ○○ could recognize how present ○○ changed


When we are lively and quick-thinking, we often forget old ourselves.


Then, I got an email.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 2 2016