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Information of 家系(Kakei) Family-line and “Brain”

In MV Hybrid Session, we have a series of operation see thorough information and energy of 家系(Kakei in Japanese,Family Line.)

Then, in the case of a person I think “ahh…”( not only that, in case of the person ‘s energy and information is “ahh” as well) , the person’s child has been affected clearly.
There is no case at all that your family line and you are heavy but your child is clear and well and have no problem.
There are always cases that child has serious problems.

Below is a message from a person whose 家系(Kakei) energy and information is “ahh”.

(It seems she is conscious of it)

I read your blog.

I understand that there is a connection between brain and family line’s energy.

I heard that my husband was used to go to a university hospital to check brain wave when he was a child. Also, I have something that comes to mind about that, and the blog was interesting.


MV is not medical institution, so I avoid writing in detail, but there are many people appeal XXXX because of the information(energy) of family-line.

Anybody can imagine that information and energy of family line is wrong, so that “brain” which always receive the information and energy doesn’t function well.

Our brain and computer are very alike.

Also, it’s like antenna which catches electrical wave.
When the quality of information and energy you receive is bad, computer and antenna ‘s functions are getting worse.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 22 2016