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Space tells “invisible information”-2-

One day…

Shin’s acquaintance asked him to heal him because he was is unwell.

So, Shin was healing him remotely in Shin’s room.
Not knowing that, the moment I opened a door of Shin’s room.
M: “Ah, my head and eyes pain me!”

S: “Ah, I am healing XX right now. Yes XX said the eyes sting!, but why the same area are sore?”

Pointing whole space of the room,

M: Information of XX is spreading in the space!” saying so, I closed the door.


Voice of my mind:

“Good bye. I will leave here, like this place. Let me please move to more comfortable place 😛 ”

Through the door,
S: “Do you know where bad place of XX is ??”
Confirming it by information of the universe,
M: “XX is exhausted very much! That’s why head and eyes are hurting”
With this thing, I joined his healing indirectly.


With whom are you connecting?

With whom are you living in?

With whom is your Smartphone and PC connecting?


By reading this post, I guess now you understood that:

Why MV has recommended getting rid of energy.

Also, raising the quality of your energy and the dimension of your consciousness not to turn to low quality of energy, not dropping the quality of your health, fortune and life.


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 21 2016