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Brain Treatment”♪ Things tangle around your head?

Thank you for the Brain Treatment.!!

I think I have many problems as I should take MV session,

but I have problems in daily life like can’t deliver what I think and I fall sleep as if my brains shutdown,

so I took the treatment thinking I needed the Brain Treatment. 


While you were treating my brain I felt something that tangled around my head floated and you were removing it.

Also, I was surprised when you said that energy and information is piled up in my eyes and neck.                  


This is normal, so no worry.  😉 

It differs from person to person, but everybody is so. 

Which means you are managing to use your head, work, learn clinging unnecessary things on your brain, ears, eyes, neck and shoulders.

Therefore, it means “you haven’t yet made use of your brain power 100%”. 

I believe when all of you in the world can take “Brain Treatment”

your head becomes clearer, your work progresses efficiently, your ability improves more and it leads to increase your income. 


When your bran, eyes and ears’ condition are good, motivation to learn will grow.

Also when learning ability is great, you gain new fields more and more. 

Frankly, you can strike out on a different path from others.

Also, you can be capable, you can pay more careful attention, you can deliver what you would like to say smoothly,  you can think in your head, you can read book, you can feel others’ feeling, and you can read an atmosphere of situation.

Then, it’s related to you physical condition.


“Brain” is very important part. 

When “brain” doesn’t work well, you become stubborn and inflexible character, you can’t read situation, you can’t do time-management, can’t work efficiently and you can’t have high-quality life. 


Previously you told me that information is built up on glasses, and I understood it.

I guess huge unnecessary things build up, and when I took brainstem treatment I refreshed.

Usually I feel sleepy when I read a book, but this time I didn’t! Great!

I would like to take Brain Treatment again! Thank you so much!!


“Brain” is a part be tired when you use it badly, and be stressed by change of work and circumstance, so regular treatment as spa, massage produce more effect.

Conditions of who take the treatment regularly is great, so I thought again that “Brain Treatment” is awesome. 😛 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 14 2014