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Brain like a greasy oil stain

Thank you for the Brain Treatment on Feb. 27
I had several things at work and home a few days before the Remote Brain Treatment and my brain had been exhausted.

It’s not comfortable fatigue like after studying hard.

It’s like dull and greasy thing soiled with oil.

(sorry for my childish expression)


Yes, sometime my brain feels “dull and greasy thing soiled with oil.” too.

Of course, when I’m alone, I don’t feel my brain is so,

but when I see some people in events and sessions I feel my brain is dull and greasy.


Yes, your expression is exactly right!

Brain becomes like “sticky oil stain”.
In the case, I make a movement like removing something greasy by hands from brain.
I think some of you have seen such a movement.


Yes, such brain won’t work well, so it’s very unpleasant.

When I am in such the state, it always when whose brain is in the state looking at me ( they send their notion) or I tune to client in MV session.


MV is not medical intuition, so we won’t tell you in detail, but they are suffering XXXX disease or X disease.


Therefore, when my brain becomes such situation, I can determine “your brain is too much….”.

It’s not like previous state, but it’s like heavy head fatigue.

Well, it’s as if anger were swirling.


I couldn’t take remote brain treatment in a quiet environment, so I took it in a room hearing TV from next room.


After a little while, dullness of my head had gone and felt sleepy, so I lay down and was spacing out. Later, I felt wind and light blew through the center of my head, and sleepiness had gone.


Now my head is clear.

Even I have something gloomy sometimes, it is cleared soon.


I will take MV Remote Brain Treatment from now on too.

Thank you so much.


Yes, please continue to fix your brain.


Frankly speaking, if your brain doesn’t work well, your life won’t work well.


Sensing outside world, taking it in yourself and dispatch to outside is brain, so it will be related to the quality of your life.


Not only that, but also your luck will turn bad and you will be out of luck as I delivered to you ( I explained it in a seminar, GPS part) before.


I was talking to a person yesterday.

Yes, we talked about those who had  XXX disorder was very unlucky.

(it may cause a problem, so I won’t inform here in detail)

This is a real story.

Brain is very important.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 9 2016