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Remote Brain Treatment “Children’s brain” 2

Thank you for Remote Brain Treatment.!

I confirmed the content of the treatment now.

As he is a child, it seems that it’s working very well meekly for him.

Frankly, since that day, he started to speak long sentences fluently suddenly.(゜◇゜)!!

I have never seen him frustrated; words that he would like to say won’t come out and not being able to deliver what he would like to well (T^T).

This is awesome!
Families know the treatment, and they have a poor understanding to invisible world, but seems they have to admit it…

Therefore, I would like to continue the Brain Treatment for my child for a while.


Well, thank you so much(*^-^*)

I hope you can give the treatment for your children even they don’t have any problems for raising IQ and improving academic grades.

I think the younger they are the better it is.

But I do hope children who take examinations for junior high school, high school and university, adults who take some qualification tests, business man whose intelligence leads to their sales and performance.

The more improve your brain function cheerfully the more your life become pleasant, fun and be fulfilled. 🙂 

It would be good to have great brain rather than poor brain.


Brain recognizes the world and the universe.

Brain communicates with yourself and others.


Who say

life doesn’t go well,

work doesn’t go well,

can’t get along with others,

can’t see and deal with your internal, emotion well…


All of the brains of those people don’t function well.


Therefore, MV ”Brain Treatment” is necessary for all the people on the earth. 😉 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 2 2016