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Remote Brain Treatment “Children’s brain” 1

We sent emails to whom got remote brain treatment, so please check it. 🙂 


Well, some of them were children.


As you know children’s brain is growing up day by day.


In short, various parts haven’t been completed.


Regarding a part of brain, it is said that it won’t be completed until you’re 20 years old.

That’s your brain.


Of course, after you become adult brain continues to grow.

Surely if you use your brain correctly.

Brain has “plasticity”.
However, after all, children’s plasticity can’t be compared with adult.

In case today’s children, sometime they are diagnosed with “XXXXX”.



Children’s brain continues to change as to be terrifying, so I think it’s too early to give up.


Please do as much as you can for your children as a father/mother.


Kids move on to elementary school, junior high school… and get a job and work,

and they communicate with others as a working member of a society…


Which is…please do as much as you can do now for your children’s future as a mother/father.


I can’t write in detail on the blog,

but for about two years I have taken care of an adult in the later thirties who had had a problem since she was a girl.


Of course she had never confessed to anybody.
Then, nobody have noticed…That she had a problem.


Yes, we have such change to improve like her.

Moreover, after being an adult.


However, I have the experience, so let me tell you;

You had better think of countermeasures from an early time.


Most tragedy is growing up without knowing that you have the problem.

In addition to that, without your family’s and others around you knowing that you have the problem.


In the point, medical science is always on the march, and today, information spreads easily,

so compared with back then, we can notice that kind of thing easily: “This girl or boy is …bit of…”.

I think it is very good thing.


Of course, MV is not medical institution, so we don’t cure a person who was diagnosed with something in hospital at all.


However, MV has full knowledge of the structure and system of invisible world ( than doctors at hospital. Yes, of course 😆 )


If you can see bright sign for your kids a bit by MV energy and informational measure, please continue to take the brain spa under your responsibility.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 2 2016