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Good timing = Being lucky part 3

>When they went back to home they forgot something awful had happened at school.

Unpleasant feeling, hard feeling and bitter feeling…those vibration are low.

I know my explanation is insufficient, but this is just a blog so I will leave it at that.


Well, therefore, when you are in high vibration place or with high vibration people

your feelings become cheerful and light, get motivated and energetic, and feel being healed and fulfilled.


When I get tired by session, I think “let’s go home soon” and try to hurry home.


Because home is “Place have been daubed all over with information and energy of people who live in over many years”, and  the best energetic oasis for me is my home.


Therefore, no matter how long I touch heavy energy, I am filled with energy as soon as I go in home.


“Anyway I’m tired! I will sleep when I get home!”

Even if I think that , I get fine when I go into home only, so sometime I continue to work or research long hours.


Place to eat, sleep, relax and relieve fatigue…such precious home is filled with high Hado(vibes), high energy and pure information is important.


The quality of life shall change.


Such “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation(MV main product)”which emits energy sold out immediately when we restock.


Therefore, I am looking forward great crystal pebbles.


Could we ask you to wait for a little while longer? 🙂


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 20 2015