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Good timing = Being lucky part 2

>Also, always good timing, good timing has been going on.

This is very important.

Actually, this is the testimony of taking harmony with your own self, others and the universe: the whole.

Now that, you will be good fortune constitution and develop your life for the better.
There are people who are always bad timing, and problems are on their sides.


Thinking of the words: timing is bad”,

It means



Can’t feel the rhythm of the nature

Can’t follow the flow, can’t read the flow.

Holding and outputting negative information.

In short,


“Can’t seize chances”


Observing such people,

I understood that they are transmitting” noisy brain waves” often.
I think wild animals sense

Food must be over there

Water must be over there

A storm is coming, etc.

by a part of their brains.


Well, such a part of unlucky people’s doesn’t work well…

and I think their vibrations are too low,

their negative aura and negative field is too big so “their sensor to catch good things” doesn’t work.



>Also, always good timing, good timing has been going on.

It is everything.

When this is improved more,

it leads to “Having something” and “Winning habit”

in like games or the world of professional sports.


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 20 2015