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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(vibes) by happy Hado~1

Subtheme: XXX human beings who can only the physical world

Evolving human being who can conscious of invisible world.


The ignorant thinks:

Those who are engaged in invisible world are suspicious, and they are deceiving people for money. They are fraud…


I think there are people who think so still in this world.


May be they have thought that paying money for objects is fine and paying for invisible world is strange…


Well, as I delivered in MV Terakoya[seminar], it’s like “monkey”.


Do you know what can distinguish between monkey and human beings?



Like that, if you are careless, unconscious and ignorant about energy, information, dimension, space, you shall need to live like a monkey on the future earth.


Of course,we, Maaya Village, will continue to evolve as a human being. 😆


Not only  Shin and I, but also MV staff sees a law of “invisible world change the reality (physical world)” every day.


Yesterday was Brain Treatment.

We don’t lay even a finger on customers except for “brain steam treatment”.

Well, “Remote Brain Treatment” doesn’t intervene in physical world at all.

However, as they have sent thank you emails to us, brain changes.

MV transforms your reality and physical state by energy, information, consciousness, dimension and space side.


At times, we work on it at the risk of our lives.
I guess that those who are careless, unconscious and ignorant about such a world, don’t understand, but invisible world is real and it has mass and energy intensely, and there is a system.

Therefore, when we go into the world badly, we are severely wounded.


One day, we went into a person’s too heavy and worse informational world.
The way was a little bit bad.

Well, actually I entered into too much worse informational world with poor pretreatment ( As for myself, I did pretreatment very much), so “I touched poison with bare hands.”

I used a comprehensible description for those who are careless, unconscious and ignorant about invisible world.  Yesterday, when I used an expression, MV staff praised it.
MV staff: “Maaya’s metaphor is always great”
Maaya: “MV treats a world the public can’t understand now, so it’s hard to tell the essence by words normally, so thinking how I can deliver MV world I started to use “metaphor”. Therefore, my capability of operation metaphor was trained by them)

Invisible world = doubtful.

Thinking that without using your head and say so as a programmed robot is few recently, but I think you had better remove old dishonest psychic or shady reliXXXX  impression from invisible world once.

Even cutting-edge science, it’s like occult and mysterious phenomena.
Uttering “invisible world =suspicious” easily you will be thought as “ you are an unread person” or “ you are ignorant”, so please learn anything.
Please use you head always. Please grab information has good quality extending your sensor.
If you talk about TV, magazine and vapid conversation everyday, you can’t be a human being.)


Then, I became like my vital spirit had been sucked out, and I slept for more than 10 hours a day for two days, and I couldn’t do long work from fatigue and I hadn’t been myself for about one week.


One day at a restaurant, I did XXXX under study to some XXXX people..

Yes, after I came back home, I threw what I had eaten up. 😆

Too higher dimensional method. Moreover I used it as ….( I omit explanation because it’s too exclusive ) , my energy had been consumed too much.


Energy to maintain three-dimensional body such as bowels weakened all at once.

My bowels stopped and things in my stomach stayed long,,,


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 13 2016