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Once MV takes charge of you, all of you are “Uri Geller”♬ 6


Bending spoon is fan and I bent it again and again. Finally, it broke…
After returning home, my seven years old son was awake so I bent a spoon in front of him and asked him to try bending a spoon. He bent a spoon a little bet! He was surprised and glad (*^^*)

That kind of age can bend spoons easily because —–self is weak.
Surely, they are genius can do anything not only bending spoons.
However, those who raise genius children are adults around them! Moreover, it is because of —–self of adults.

Therefore, firstly adults’ living based on —–self is a special education for children. Please show wonderful yourself to children. At some time or other children’s “BRAIN” will think things as same as you think impossible.

Ms. W

Thank you as always! I took part in Terakoya (seminar)on Dec. 5 Attached is the picture. I tried to bend a spoon and it worked. I was thinking to trying after I bought spoons at 100YEN (1$) shop, but couldn’t wait for and bent it. After I bent the spoon, I noticed the spoon, TACHIYOSHI (high brand in Kyoto, Japan) and I was shocked a little bit, ahaha. We can do anything if we believe” we can do”! I use Trauma Reset Card and Brain Stone always. When I feel distraction, I used the Brain Stone. When unpleasant memories come back I use Trauma Reset Card. The goods play great work!! Thanks!  Seems before Terakoya, realization has come to me one after another. MV is great!

Yes, it’s great I think so too.

I would like to deliver great story in coming MV seminar on Feb.


The spoon became objet d’art.

Yes, there may be the spoon in an art museum. 😉 


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 10 2015