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Once MV takes charge of you, all of you are “Uri Geller”♬ 1

First of all, let me apologize to who created the spoons!

 All of the spoons were bent!


However, the spoons were helpful for MV Terakoya participants.

The spoons fulfilled an important mission and seems very satisfied rather than used for only spoon up.

Thank you for making the spoons!


Well, I, Maaya Village is not supposed to make you a master of “bending spoons”.

We wanted you to notice true yourself were unconscious and wanted you to feel it at once, at that place, so I choose “bending spoons”.

Of course, the spoons did not  have trickery and I didn’t teach you magic trick.

You were told  that “Let’s bend the spoons. Please!”.

Like that, you started to bend spoons after I told you a story.


As a result, you did!


I delivered that who was there was important.

I thought I would explain it in Engi in Buddhism (Sanskrit: pratiitya-samutpaada; Pali: paTicca-samuppaada), but I couldn’t explain it enough, so I will explain it in detail in coming review meeting.

Whom you connect with is important too.

Also, I let your XXXX self which is nagging and top-heavy keep out and led you as you can display your abilities.


I guess “the bending spoons” will be utilized in your lives.

Finance, work, hobby, study, health…

Yes you have power to make everything possible!!

I wanted to deliver it only to you.

Please have greater life!!

Who found MV are going to be better, richer, more health and wiser.

I’s proud of it.


Please touch information and energy MV has.

Well, next is the pictures of spoons.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 12 2015