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All bent spoons♪ All were Uri Geller

MV Special Space Terakoya

Know the reason you can’t go well, and be what you would like to be!


Hi all, you did great work in Terakoya!

Today is my day off, so I will blog about the event later. 🙂 

Anyway, it got really lively!

All bent spoons.
All of you bent spoons in a short time without verbal explanation.

Moreover, most of you had never practiced bending spoons in your lives at all.



Actually, a spoon which a girl bent latest was firmer in two types.

Also, whose arm is thinnest, who is delicate and weight is lightest among the attendees bent a hard spoon. (no tricky. Real spoon) 😛 


“Bending spoons was fun”

“I always can’t open even plastic bottle, but I could bend hard spoons at home

I am receiving cheerful emails!

Let me blog about the emails after Tuesday.


Then, could you please  send the picture of spoons you bent to Maaya Village?


I would like to introduce them in this blog and I would like to see it again. 🙂 


All of you were shinning.

Also, many attendees said:

“This Terakya was for me! Thank you very much!”

“It was great!  Awesome!!”.


At the moment, I thought “I’m glad that I created the program over one month as if shortening my life”.
The moment of basking in your joyful energy from yourself and your smile is my and Shin’s reward.


Thank you all. 🙂 


You bent spoons.

Now you can delete trauma by yourself.

Your element of depression was removed and got sharp and wise eyes.

Also, now you can develop a part of your brain to be wiser.


Yes, I think it was splendid Special Space Terakoya.


Actually, when I named the program I was wondering.


It has mental-health and mental-care, but that is not all.

I brought out your true power within yourself and unused abilities at the maximum, and

I navigated you as you noticed them and use them in your lives.


After all, I think the content was Know the reason you can’t go well, and be what you would like to be!” itself.”


Well, when you have time could you please send the picture of the spoon you bent to me?


I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec.7 2015