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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★The Final

“The common purpose” of Japanese who are trying to seek for the truth in invisible world.


“The common purpose” of who have our own conning-tower in various spaces in the universe and flew off into the globe having body to carry out a mission like a suicide squad.





The simplest expression is…



We came here to increase “the frequency of vibration”.

We came here to raise “Hado(wave motion)”.




Using “Up, Down” may cause misunderstanding, so let me describe it as

“We came here to make the frequency of vibration, Hado(wave motion) and notion lighter and lighter.

That’s it. May be.




Accomplish splendid something!

Earn more money and save more money!

Sacrifice yourself and help more people!

Follow common sense on the earth and live as great person who have common sense!

Read many books and get more knowledge!


Seems never ever we came to the earth for the purposes.


“Ticket to connect with the universe” shall be handed over who made up own mind to be involved in making your own notion, others’ notions, Hado(wave motion) of ground and place…all Hado(wave motion) and frequency lighter and lighter by any means.



The ticket is packed with abundant wisdom and information.


Also, entities in the universe, our fellows prepare for supporting us are waiting saying “Come on. Look at here!”.


It seems “The ticket to connect with the universe” is prepared in front of your eyes.


~The End~


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 10 2009