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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑮

”Which class are you from?”

~From previous blog~

Previously when I was conscious of focus 23 I was connected with a place where people who couldn’t enter Nirvana got together.

I am originally easier to be connected with places where non-earth without doing something special,

so I can’t meditate, autogenic training, making brain wave theta waves intentionally and something leading me in a state of trance carelessly.


I had done before, but entities in other dimensions, non-earth, accessed to me always.


I guess some people see them as light, listen to their voices, look Buddhist image, divine figure, etc.


In my case, when entities I don’t want come close to me, rejection action occurs.

Then, the qualities of the entities come close to me often have hope of teaching something, leading people to somewhere and strict.


When I feel the entities I have rejection action, so I am not put into by the entities.


However, probably…

who would like to take a leading position,

would like to be respected,

be thought as excellent by others,

would like to have something special than others,

would like to feel superiority,

would like to be something special strongly are easy to be entered into by the entities.


Then, if these persons meditate, it’s like as if they declared “please come into myself. Please use my body freely, and let’s make the same dream together on the globe!”.


In focus, seems there are entities of which sensibilities I can’t accept in 27~25 and more than 35.

(I think exactly the world is complexly intertwined, so it can’t be described in numbers)


To put it simply, it’s “the entity that would like to control”.

Most people manipulated by those entities have strong feelings:

“I would like to teach”

“I would like to lead human beings”

“I would like to stand above others”

and their words are compulsive and coercive.

On the contrary, sometime they are too much “kind” and “teach things for free and gently too much”.


“Too much kindness” is an action caused

from the feeling of “would like to control”.


A sense I like is very light, free and less feeling of restriction.

Without meditation I can connect with it the moment I am conscious it in daily life.


Where you connect with is up to your free will,

but probably I think connecting with light and free dimensions or entities won’t digress from main line.



I think who was born in Japan now and interested in such invisible world have common “purpose”.

“The purpose” is…

To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 8 2009