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“Being ○○ is fine” for realizing your desire and success ~2~

Being ○○is fine

No matter what they learn common “realizing desires method” and ”rule for success”, it won’t work for those people who don’t think “being ○○is fine” and wasting too much energy !


We need to capture from the top!



MV Special Space Terakoya~Know the reason you can’t go well, and be what you would like to be~” will be the place I will deliver the core of “realizing desires” and “rules for success “.


Methods which are only superficial, formality or non-fundamental can’t realize our desire, self-realization and success.


I guess you have done such methods very much so you understand it without saying anything.


You don’t have time!

You don’t have time to practice superficial and temporary methods anymore!
Please grasp the core to realize desire, self-realization and success and give shape to what you desire in your only life (precious your one stage) as soon as possible!


I will devise ways of explanation for your understanding with various theories and examples from brain, cranial nerve field and psychic world to give credibility to various MV wisdom which MV has and has practiced!

Please look forward to it!

Lastly, I will introduce last part of her email.


I am fine being ○○

I think I couldn’t realize it forever without meeting MV.

I’m glad I could make it in time.

I’m glad I could realize it while I am alive…


Living like digging our own grave…I think there are many people live such a way!

I would like to get out of it and live lightly.



Yes, I’m glad you could make it in time.

I’m glad you were aware of it before you die.

You aren’t born to experience hardship only.


Please be aware of the truth,

and transform your precious life stage to glorious and joyful!


I am proud of MV work which can help your life. 🙂 


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 7 2015