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“Being ○○ is fine” for realizing your desire and success ~1~

Thank you for the support session the other day.


Since the day my feeling has become lighter as if heavy possession had dropped off.

I could meet and say “thank you” to who died for the first time from all my heart as Maaya let me meet the person.


Being said that I am fine being ○○ besides___ made my feeling lighter, I think.


Being ○○ is fine


Yes, this part has been imprinted very strongly in many people, so I will remove it in Terakoya on Dec. 5!


Energy to live, strong vital energy will be back to you when it’s removed.

Because, it won’t create waste of energy.


Who don’t think you are fine being ○○ make waste of energy very much.


Such people get tired very much

by only working a little bit, only communicating with people a little bit and just living.

Because they waste energy.


Crucial energy to improve your ability, to realize your desire can’t be left.


This is very very important point, so I will deliver it with various examples and explanation on Dec.5


I will make you be reborn, so please prepare for it 🙂


I and Shin live thinking we are fine being h ○○( especially me), so we can pour our precious energy into our purpose for ourselves.


Therefore, our results come  faster and bigger than those people who are not.


See, it’s attractive 😉

“Being ○○ is fine “ for realizing your desires, success which nobody has taught will be delivered in  “MV Special Space Terakoya~Know the reason you can’t go well, and be what you would like to be~”

Your life will go upward with only getting this thought.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 7 2015