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That is, ”We are behind”–2–

Getting back where we were,

regarding eating food, there are many methods; being healthy, cleaning Hado(wave motion) and preparing the mind, etc.


However, from MV’ understanding of energy world, by doing those methods,

There are many people:

who become weak to various energy more,

whose physical, mind and thought become heavy and spiteful.

who lose vital energy and become dispirited and easy to be tired.

who lose fortune and become poor.

who feel troublesome in communication with people and working.

Let me tell you again, there are many people who are above.


Outfit, home, beauty method, method of improving your luck, how to get rich…


Anyway, from the point of MV theory, it seems that wrong common sense spread in this world


I deliver more advanced, true and useful wisdom in MV Space Terakoya and session removing puerile and false conventional wisdom.


To understand what I deliver in this blog deeply, you may better think that way:

“This world, the earth and our society are undeveloped in any fields”

There are few who people view the whole in that way.


Doing MV research, I think of these things every day.


“Why most earthling don’t have these information and wisdom?

Why these wisdom hasn’t been common sense on the earth yet?

Why individual like me is searching these things?

Why they still have believed old childish wisdom importantly even though it has no effect?

That can’t let you progress… you can’t evolve….”


“Things which spread in the world are not perfect and not final result”


If you can think that way, you can understand my and MV’s attitude and why I am continuing research.


There are many problems:

Energy (information) problem

Financial problem.

Ghost problem

Family-Tree Information problem

Feeling problem

Brain problem…etc.


Getting to close to the truth one by one, it’s interesting.


I think I will deliver how interesting it is to people who have chance to find MV 🙂 .


The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 24 2014