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That is, ”We are behind”–1–

As you have believed and done it for long time you can’t abandon the ideas.
You need a large amount of money for it and the budget won’t be able to get approval easily, so you can’t make your research progress.

Therefore, the research in the field won’t progress at all.

Therefore, human being can’t advance understanding of the field easily….


(In addition to that, the earth rotates on its axis under various reasons of various people…

There are many cases that we can’t go best, awesome and advanced –direction, and there are, were and will be…)



It can be the same in

beauty field, health field and energy field we are related to usually (Hado, vibration, frequency, notion and feeling, etc)


I advise MV clients and their problems move towards solution with various MV theories which destroy existing conventions.

I did so for my problems, too.

At least, I solved my energy problems and problems caused by heavy family-tree and ancestors with the theories and methods.

So far, I am not ill and no issue in beauty.

I cleared financial issue and my brain works very well.

My body and soul are both great and I am full of energy day by day.


However, who can’t abandon the ideas as they have believed and done it for long time won’t “try to understand” and “try to practice” no matter how many times I advise.

It’s a difficult matter.
This is “if you are thick-headed, you can’t change”

 Another reason you can’t change is

“you abandoned thinking by yourself”.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 24 2014