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Waist and Hips in 2 weeks♪ Good bye stiff shoulders

Lately, I have designing my body 🙂

Though it’s been only 16 days, owing to that, shoulder stiffness was eliminated completely.


Actually, I had had horribly stiff shoulders since I was a teenager.


Then, the shape of my body, waist, hips and legs which I didn’t expect has changed as well.


It’s been only 2 weeks, so I am wondering how my body will change from now on~♪
I’m not on a diet for reducing my weight.

Only body has changing to “body shape of healthy human being”.

After all, if you aim at true health, naturally “beauty” will come together.


Wrong diets reduce muckle and make you have a tendency to be fat.

Also, you will feel out of it and your brain gets worse, vacant eyes, flabby skin and unoiled hair.

Thus, it makes you less attractive, so please take care of it.


As my body shape has changed, previous skirts and pants don’t fit to me and fall off.


As hips shape has changed(big change), I tried pencil skirt I had avoided!

BTW, I lost 2 inches off my waist in about 16 days.

When I bend forward my hands didn’t reach to the floor, but when I tried it yesterday, almost my wrists reached to the floor…


Body fat percentage decrease and muscle quantity increased and physical age became younger more. 🙂 


I do eat a lot and drink. Also, I eat and drink a little bit before sleep, but my body is fine.

Designing body is fun.

Well, I am married and thinking of my age…well yes, I am happy with the body shape, but more than that I am glad that shoulder stiffness was eliminated completely.


Also, when I work on PC for long time my lower back hurt, but now I have no pain at all. 😉 

I am glad that I can work hard.

I hope I can deliver it some day in Space Terakoya “beauty and health”



I don’t swim, yoga, ballet, jogging, walking and weight training at all.

Ahaha, I am rather an indoor type.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 23 2014