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“Change yourself”, “Change your reality ” and “Change your future “—Space Terakoya—3

“Brain Treatment Technique” is necessary for from

who become emotional and lose coolness.

who is anxiety neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorder.

who forget a lot of things and can’t perform several operations at the same time.


who would like to be more intelligent.

who would like to raise your conscious dimension.

who would like to improve imagination.

who would like to raise IQ or have capability for abstract thinking.


to who would like to be capable person who can do high quality work.

who are in an executive partition and managers.


Also, the more you master the technique,

the more you can create “brain condition which fulfills your wishes easily”

to make your wishes come true frequently .


The theme of this Terakoya on Dec. 5 is not “realizing desires”, but seems it will be the place to deliver fundamental knowledge, wisdom and method of “realizing desires”.


In any case, it’s “BRAIN”


Whether we go well or not

Whether we become rich or not

Whether we are popular or not

Whether we spend a happy life or not.

Whether we fulfill our desires frequently or not

Whether we can be independent or not

Whether you can show your ability or not

Whether you can be youthful forever or age rapidly.

Whether you can be healthy and lively without special treatments or be unhealthy and sick even you regardless of many treatments.


Also, whether you attain spiritual enlightenment or not.


All depend on BRAIN.


“BRAIN” is key.

I will give you one technique which I select from “Brain Esthetic “techniques for your BRAIN which control all these things. 🙂 


I am planning to provide you

“Trauma Reset Technique” as a card.

“Brain Treatment Technique” as a stone.


It’s impossible for me to heal and transform your past and fix your brain frequently.

Therefore, I will provide the techniques using my ingenuity as you can use them at home and office forever. 😀 


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 10 2015