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“Change yourself”, “Change your reality ” and “Change your future “—Space Terakoya—2

I guess that many people are not conscious that we are held back (influenced) by past events and it created who you are now.


“I would like to do that, but I can’t do that”

“I really don’t do that, but I can’t stop doing so”

“I always fall flat at the same point“

“Similar troubles occur always”

“I induce similar situation always”

“My life is going similar with my parents”

“Though I keep saying that I am not good at, I keep to stay at the same place for decades”

“I would like to be new myself and stand on new stage!”

“Actually I am harsh being swayed by feelings…complex, inadequacy, jealousy and anger”

“I feel I have had the element of “hard living” in myself since I was a child”


I hope such people use “Trauma Reset Technique” I provide in Terakoya frequently everyday!


I recommend the technique to whom would like to move up getting out of old yourself or life as your parents!


Are there people who have “amazing life” around you?


There are many people whom you don’t like to be like that around you?


It has great potentials that you will have similar life as people’s life around you.


If you don’t like that,

please get out of the stage, zone as soon as possible on this occasion!


You only get one life!


Please don’t end your life as many others’!


Please try to live a challenging life!


Not to regret on your deathbed.

Not to regret as “I should have mustered up the courage to practice…”


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 10 2015