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“Change yourself”, “Change your reality ” and “Change your future “—Space Terakoya—1

Now I read guide sentences for Space Terakoya on Maaya’s blog.

I sobbed.

Trauma Reset and Brain Esthetic which are bingo to me.

I didn’t expect that you would provide material of your business to us. How great you are!!


Lately, my theme is “ to survive learning MV”

To be honest with you, I had no confidence of living out my life, so I set the goal not to abandon myself to despair.

Then, the theme of Space Terakoya is “to live and live out” and I need “Brain Esthetic” and “Trauma Reset”.

I am looking forward to leaning these things from Maaya and Shin’s various approaches!

Thank you for thinking of us as always!!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Terakoya☆



Yes, seeing you

(I grasped what you needed just watching you in Terakoya)

I understood this theme was necessary for you.


In the future, I am planning to hold Space Terakoya of


Developing brain and IQ

Realizing desires

Spiritual awakening


Beauty and Health


However, seems you have plenty of problems before learning those,

so I hold this Space Terakoya which is the last one of 2015.


In the future, I am going to hold Terakoya of those themes above,

but the theme on Dec. 5 will be the base.


Therefore, if you attend Space Terakoya on Dec. 5, your life will be navigated more easily in Terakoya which are to follow.


Especially, if you seize the point in this Terakoya,

you should be able to realize your desires and self-realization more easily.



One of things which form who you are now…

is “Past”.


Also, how you look at, feel and perceive the reality ( the universe, the world) depends on “Brain”.


Therefore, to do

“Change your reality”, “Transform your future” and “Change yourself”.


I will give two presents to the attendees:

One is from “Trauma Reset Technique”.

One is from “Brain Esthetic Technique”.



I didn’t expect that you would provide material of your business to us. How great you are!!

Yes as you thought, I wasn’t supposed to do so, but I should do for you.


Actually, it’s not easy to change yourself, moreover to change fundamental yourself drastically.


Therefore, please use this opportunity to take MV’s wisdom and techniques!


I hope it will help you to live easily and change your reality.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 10 2015