Daily Archives: 2015-11-17

Depression will …-the moment of having depression-

We will focus on “depression” in Terakoya on Dec. 5.

I and Shin have searched and studied various things already.

Seems we can deliver interesting experiences to you in Terakoya.

From the result of the experiments, 

we can say that depression will  ○○○○


Then, ○○○○ is at least better than ○○.

I think you had better quit ○○.

There’s a large possibility that ○○makes you more ○○○○


In addition to that, with cooperation with Mr. U who is familiar to MV as you know,

I would like you to watch the moment by video.

I mean the moment of depression of ○○○○!


Also, there are few chances to show something which I wrote on this blog previously, and I would like to show it to you who attend Terakoya from all over the country as well.

I mean “a crucial moment of ghost came out from a person !“


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 11 2015