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“Fear of being punished” —Non-earthling doesn’t have the fear at all

I was reading an email…


“Fear of being punished”

I guess many Japanese have that fear.


In Terakoya I convey genuine information and wisdom, and deliver the structure of an unseen world, and how to relate to the invisible world to remove “the fear of being punished” too.


Actually, without removing “the fear of being punished”

you can’t have true freedom, can’t control yourself and your reality.

Also, you can’t have high dimensional consciousness.


I hope those who found MV aim to remove the fear first of all!


Speaking in Terakoya on Dec. 5, a stone which is one of “the method of Brain Esthetic” will be helpful for you.


This part is worth working on throughout your life.
If you would like to live as ordinary person without awakening, you don’t have to work on it.
However, if you remove “the fear of being punished”, your life will advance three stages.


Suppose, non-earthling exist, of course they don’t have “the fear of being punished” at all.

I think they know the structure. Yes, of course they do.


Only earthling have “the fear of being punished”.


Therefore, if you can throw it away, you are not an ordinary earthling anymore. 🙂

MV delivers something like that, too.


If you start to doubt about other low level ○○, ○○, ○○ and so on., please look in MV deep world.
Your doubt so far will be resolved.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 10 2015