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Hi Dimensional Energy creates “Super-BIMAJO(Woman who looks VERY younger at her age)”!!

Hi Maaya,

You upgraded next Terakoya(seminar) very much!

I appreciate your concern about the price 🎶

Thank you very much✨

The other day I did skin check at a cosmetic counter of a department, and the result of tone, resilience and moisture was perfect!

I have used neither lotion nor emulsion. I have used only body cream…

Beauty advisor was surprised (most skins are dry during this season), and she provided me some samples to keep my skin condition. However, I haven’t used the samples at all😃

These days my hair is shinny and it’s younger than 5 years ago!

Actually, I am younger than 1 year ago, 6 months ago and 1 month ago!

Which means it going against the current of the time!?

It’s all thanks to Maaya😆🎵🎵


I am always grateful to you. Thank you💕

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Terakoya✨・・・・

Great! 😛


You don’t know her age, but I know her age, so I understand how great it is.


This is certainly “High Dimensional Hado(vibes) Energy Beauty”!!
FYI, I haven’t used any treatments for myself at all.


“No way~”


You may think, but I have not used skin cosmetic at all.


Shin who is always beside me knows it very much.

Also, he knows my age, so he was surprised by my keeping the state.


Interested in, I checked one face lotion and found out I bought it on Feb. 12 2015.

It is nine months ago.


However, there is much lotion left.

FYI, the bottle is standard size ( 120 mL)


Well, I am wondering  how much mL I have used for my face???


I have skin cream which I bought together with the lotion, and there is much cream left too, so I will try to make effort to use up the face cream using for body.

(Basic skin care products which isn’t consumed as long as I don’t make effort to use it)


Basically, the idea ofWe can generate water and oil from our internal” (actually it is fact) got into me strongly,

so regardless of my age, I think I can keep the state without any treatments.


However! If there are real high dimensional energy-containing skin lotion or cream, definitely I would like to use!


I would like to develop these products in MV!


If it contains real high dimensional Hado (vibes) energy;

the more you use the more improve your brain,the more you use the younger you grow.

Also, you can realize various things and gain enlightenment and have high dimensional consciousness.


Therefore, I would like to use those products every day if there are !


Dear who have used MV High Dimensional Energy and Information


Let’s have a long lead over others!

Let’s be “Super-BIMAJO[ Japanese new word] Woman who looks younger for your age” and surprise people around you!


True “High Dimensional Hado(vibes) Energy and Information” make it possible!

She and I already proved it!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 7 2015