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Internet is bidirectional—it’s exposed fully from energy world—

Today, it’s the internet age, so sometime crime and harassment done by internet.


Suppose he or she did crime, harassment or staring at us by internet under a false name or name of other people,

and the person himself or herself who used the internet exists actually,

and in the case, whatever false name is,

on the contrary we can send energy from us (the receiver ) to the person (the sender) in energy world.

( however, it’s not something anybody can do )


I am thinking I will deliver these structure in connection with “○○○se” world in the next Terakoya.


Even sender hides his or her own face and real name, it’s transparent from information world side.

I can say that it’s exposed fully.


Therefore, on the contrary, it is possible to send some information to her or him from us.

In addition to that, we can change the amount of energy freely.


I guess there are too many people who don’t know the system.


I will explain it with my real experience by my inborn gifts of

“Telepathic power”,” Ability to sense Hado(wave motion)” and

“Ability to distinguish classifications and features of energy world”.

From Maaya’s blog on Mar. 31 2015