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What “Arranging Family-Tree” is–part 3–

Dear who purchased Maaya Village ○○○○○


This ○○○○○ is to approach from a dimension unparalleled from the world.


It is one of the product I am proud of in Maaya Village products and it’s located in special position.


“Transform energy of Family-Tree”

Not everyone can do the art and Maaya Village’s dimension can handle the method.


If your understanding is shallow, consciousness dimension is low, shortage of energy and low dimension you handle,

you will be influenced by energy and information of Family-Tree.


Thus, assuming because of “energy and information of your Family-Tree”

you have trouble, unhappiness, bad luck, disease, injury,

accident, divorce, discord with others,

character disorder, odd thinking,

no money, no energy, no stamina,

can’t stick at any works, not blessed with children,

medium constitution , depression, mental disorder, heavy, dark and hard life…

if I am involved in that badly, I will be influenced.


Therefore, I charge minimum necessary fee as an insurance of which I may be influenced.


Even with that, this work doesn’t pay, so I provide my secret goods to only who took my session and I found out he or she needs this goods.

( Well, nobody who don’t need the goods on this earth )


As now you can guess, I don’t feel I would like to be involved in Family-Tree karma (energy, information) of who don’t understand Maaya and the essence of MaayaVillage.


Some of families, they have inherited “the worst energy of Family-Tree”, and they think the weight of their “energy and information of Family-Tree” lightly.


Then, sometime such people think that “Maaya, please do something about it as soon as possible!” and they leave to others and act selfishly.


I would like to say to them:

“I didn’t make worse your Family-Tree, so please pull yourself together!”


I would like them to understand the difficulty of dealing with “worst energy of Family-Tree” and  we are standing being ready for “in the worst case, we will be influenced , but we would like to make you in front of us lighter! “


This is the point I would like all of you to understand.


We help one of your root causes being ready for being influenced by your “energy and information of Family-Tree”

Besides, we set the fee as cheap as possible considering of your financial situation.


Most of “Methods of dealing with energy and information of Family-Tree” are approached from low dimension like ○world, △world, but the prices are one digit larger than MV’s.


In addition to that, they only approach from low dimension so they can’t do fundamental solution.


Involved in “energy and information of Family-Tree” from low dimension,

possibility of being influenced is bigger, so it shall ruin body and cause bad luck, trouble and mental disorder.

Because of that, now a few specialists spend worn out life.


You will continue to spend money and spend heavy, dark, harsh and poor life with approach from low dimension.


Through this world, I have never seen people and group who deal with problem of “energy and information of Family-Tree” using true high dimensional consciousness and high dimensional energy.


Thinking of it only, I can say that “you are really lucky that you can found out MaayaVillage♪” with confidence.


I think you have thought of that “I’m tired of it! This flow, weight, quality, loop and life!” many times.


I guess you know the best the difficulty of stagnation, blockage and muddiness piled up for long time and you couldn’t resolve.

The load of “energy and information of Family-Tree” is too heavy to face by one, yourself.


It is “miracle” that we can approach “energy and information of Family-Tree” from High Dimensional Universal Consciousness.


I can provide secret goods only related people.


We create ○○○○○ to arrange and fix your energy and information of Family-Tree,

so that you can live more lightly, brightly, luckily, rich and healthy.


Please make it useful for your life


Best regards,

Maaya, Leader of MaayaVillage

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 24 2015